For your information

Pricing Structure For stencil(s) per s/f

Prices are based upon 3 factors:

  • The type of material ordered

    • Starts at

      • 3.4 mil white vinyl = $7.50 s/f (based on Lvl 1 - 4, please see below)

      • Solid Colored vinyl decals = $9.50 s/f ($2.00 increase up to level 4, please see below)
        Price subject to increase due to type of material

      • 30 mil blast resistant vinyl = $10.50 s/f ($3.00 increase up to level 4, please see below)
        $35 Set-Up Fee always applies

      • 80/20 perforated material = $14.50 s/f (this price does not change)

      • 4 mil vinyl printed color graphic with skid resistant laminate = $18.50 s/f (this price does not change)

      • Specialty materials such as sheets of heavy corrugated cardboard, 30 lbs paper-stock, and pounce paper. (please request a quote for pricing on this material)

  • The amount of detail in the design.

    • Decided by FLOORmaps design team upon review of design, this is added onto the base price if applicable

      • This increases by level:

        • Lvl 1 / $7.50 +$0 per s/f (BASIC)

        • Lvl 2 / $10.50 +$3 per s/f (SLIGHTLY INTRICATE)

        • Lvl 3 / $13.50 +$6 per s/f (MODERATELY INTRICATE)

        • Lvl 4 / $25+ +$17+ per s/f (HIGHLY INTRICATE) may not be available for blast resistant material

  • Overall sq/ft of the design

    • Discounts only apply toward 3.4 mil vinyl only

      • 1s/f to 199s/f = No discount applied to s/f price

      • 200s/f to 499s/f =10% off s/f price

      • 500s/f to 1499s/f = 15% off s/f price

      • 1500s/f to 4999s/f = 20% off s/f price

      • 5000+s/f subject to higher discount dependent on project detail

    • Discount may be applied to other material but is not guaranteed (Dependent on design)

Design Fees are priced $85/hr:
Pricing is subject to change without notice

This is applied to all orders that require either or;

  1. design recreation

  2. multiple design changes

  3. custom design creation

A minimum of $35 .00 up to a max of $85 per hour for design fees
Handling charges dependent on QTY of boxes shipped
Shipping varies depending on your location and is subject to change at any time.

Re-sizing of any graphics from our Design Library are subject to a set up fee ($35) only, no fee for design time will be applied unless changes to design are requested .
Set up Fee applies to all Blast Resistant designs additional to design fees.