Download FLOORmaps General Instructions here.
Download Suggested TOOLS picture list here


These are a list of tools that you should have on hand when installing a FLOORmaps™ Stencil. Most items you can find at your local home improvement, art, craft, or hobby store.

1) Carpenters Pencil

For marking your position for correct placement of the stencil.

2) TEFLON SQUEEGEE or puddy knife

This squeegee has a very stiff, clean edge and the Teflon is so smooth it slides across the vinyl, making application a breeze. Comes in 4", 6" & 12" sizes. If you need a few just let us know we can supply you some. (Call for Pricing)
NOTE: You can find an alternative at your local home improvement store in the wallpaper section.

*For the perforated material you will need to use a felt tip squeegee. We have those too, just ask!


This medium adhesive tape removes cleanly without adhesive transfer or surface damage.

4) Brown Resin Paper/Masking Paper

Used to cover the perimeter around stencil so that there are no splatter mistakes made when spraying NOTE: You can also use the backing paper from the stencil to save material.

5) Measuring Cups and stirring sticks

Used for mixing up your dye and acetone or denatured alcohol to the correct percentage for application.

What's the correct percentage... IDK, what is your color scheme? Test your color in an inconspicuous area first before you get all trigger happy. ;-) 

6) 48" T SQUARE and tape measure

Mark the exact center every time and avoid costly mistakes.


Accurately mark the center point of your surface for proper alignment. NOTE: Stretching nylon string across the surface and securing with tape is an great alternative that works well.


Used to cut away the backing paper  among other things. ANOTHER OPTION: The ever so awesome Zippy™ Cutting Tool, works great for cutting paper and vinyl. A standard double-edge razor blade is locked securely in the molded plastic handle. Slip the foot of the tool under the material to be cut and push for a clean, straight line.


Not only is this used to remove pencil markings, but works great for removing any transferred adhesive by lightly rubbing the surface. NOTE: You can also use an adhesive eraser found at your local art store.


High quality hobby knife with #11 blades and a pointed weeding pick. Pick and blade are interchangeable with the same handle. NOTE: You can find an alternative at your local home improvement store.

11) Venom Steel® Industrial gloves

These are not your typical “dainty” disposable gloves, Venom Steel® industrial strength nitrile gloves resist tears, punctures and chemicals. Sized to fit most men’s hands, they’re a full 6mils thick and made to last – so you can rip through the toughest, dirtiest jobs without ripping through your gloves.

12) Construction masks

Regardless of what medium you are using these will keep your airways clear of fumes and keep your head  straight so you can keep on fighting the good fight and living your life after your job is complete.... SAFETY FIRST!

13) White Rags

Used to wipe over the surface of the water soluble Transfer Paper for easy removal. Do NOT reuse rags, one rag per color or use. Just to keep the color from smearing unnecessarily. NOTE: You can also use a sponge if you wish, just make sure to wring and wash it well between colors. 

14) Spray bottle

Used to mist over Transfer Tape to loosen the adhesive for easy removal.

15) DUMP bucket

Used to dump any liquid wastes created during installation. Please dispose of all created liquid wastes appropriately. Be nice to mother nature.

16) Acetone

You use this to cut the color intensity when using Stains or Dyes. NOTE: You can also use Denatured Alcohol, or any other penetrating agent solution. 

We suggest you test a small inconspicuous area with color and a solvent solution to check how the dye will take to the floor.

17) Non synthetic fine point brush size  No.00 to No.6

Used for touch ups due to any registration error. 

18) Kobolt® HPLV  gun sprayer

HVLP stands for high-volume, low-pressure, and spray guns with this type of material transfer give you better, more consistent coverage than conventional spray guns, and with minimal messy over spray.

19) Potbelly 135 PSI Air Compressor

Any compressor really. Has to reach 40-80psi